Agrifac Mission

Gives your plants precisely the treatment they need

We can increase yield on less productive farm land where we see huge yield gaps between current production levels and those possible with improved production practices, mechanization and precision farming. Combined with our innovative sprayers being able to achieve more yield with less crop protection, to provide each plant what it needs, our business contributes to a brilliant simple solution in helping farmers to feed the world in a more sustainable manner.

Agrifac develops machines that provide every plant exactly what it needs. As the first manufacturer, Agrifac is now able to nurture exactly what treatment the plant needs based on plot maps. We call this method: “Every drop hits the right spot.”  We are heading towards 50% higher yield with 50% less crop protection. This development means that there will be a positive change in agriculture. The future farmer goes back to personal inspection of each plant. All kinds of data such as satellites and sensors make this possible. For those farmers combining their own knowledge and experience with the clever data available, the possibilities to improve their operations are endless. With this new technology, available data and common sense, together we can make the world more sustainable. The future of agriculture has begun, with NEED Farming, powered by Agrifac!