Sufficient, nutritious and safe food

Sufficient, nutritious and safe food

‘‘Agrifac develops and produces innovative and sustainable self-propelled sprayers and beet harvesters’’

On a global scale, we know there is sufficient capacity to produce enough food in a sustainable way to feed everyone adequately, despite the fact that the world population is predicted to increase to 10 billion by 2050.

Condor Self-propelled sprayers for optimal crop protection

To get the highest possible yield from your crops, you need innovative tools. Agricultural machines that are easy to use and require little maintenance. With this in mind, Agrifac develops and produces innovative and sustainable self-propelled sprayers. Assembly takes place in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands. As a result, all Agrifac machines contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture. They comply with our 4e’s for Growers and NEED Farming concept! Agrifac goes beyond Precision Farming! With Condor self-propelled sprayers you can protect your crops on plant level! This means you need less water and you will reduce your crop protection agent up to 90%! Condor, the most sustainable crop sprayer in the world!

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Condor sprayers for all sort of crops

Food Crops


When it comes to Arable Farming, Cereal crops such as grains could be argued as being the most commonly grown across the globe. Cereal crops are primarily used as the main ingredient for a whole host of food items, as well as in some drinks too, because they provide essential nutrients needed for the human diet.

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Feed Crops


Similar to sunflowers, maize is a crop which utilizes and thrives on sunlight and is best grown in sunny regions to ensure highest yield per hectare. Soils should be warm enough to ensure a good emergence shortly after being drilled, therefore late Spring is the ideal time for the grower to commence planting.

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Sunflower crops
Oil crops


Sunflowers’ drought-tolerance make it an ideal crop to grow in warmer countries. With the selective breeding of the crop over the years however, it has become adaptable to grow in most parts of the world, within the dry sunny regions. The sunflower plant has a deep, finely branched tap-root system that can utilise water from soil layers as deep as 2m. This is why the crop performs well during a dry season.

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Consumers care about the quality of their fresh cut tulips. The delicate petals at the tip of the crop and their stems can be damaged so quickly that this is not always the end result for the grower.

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Agrifac LightTraxx beet harvesters
Food Crops

Sugar beets

The root crop sugar beet is the main sugar source grown by farmers in Europe. Like potatoes, this crop grows underground, which makes it even more important to ensure that the soil conditions are adequate to be able to produce a high yielding harvest.

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The Agrifac Condor range is designed to effectively operate across all crop types; nourishing the soil in its path as well as treating and eliminating weeds to generate higher yields.

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Most sustainable factory in Europe

Most sustainable factory in Europe

‘‘In 2019 it was determined that it is a “zero on the meter” (NOM) factory. This means that the solar panels have generated more energy than Agrifac has used.’’

Agrifac likes to be at the forefront when it comes to innovations and sustainability.
So the most innovative and sustainable machines in the world are being developed and assembled in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands according to the 4e’s for Growers and our NEED Farming concept!

Come over and take a look!

Come over and take a look!

‘‘Are you interested in seeing our factory with your own eyes? The place where the most sustainable and efficient crop sprayers and innovative technologies are developed, implemented and handcrafted. Our doors are wide open for you to explore the production site, experience a demonstration of our sustainable machines, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee with one of our specialists.’’

We are excited to offer both in-person visits, as well as the option of a video tour, providing you with an impression of Agrifac’s headquarters and production site.

Whether you choose a real or virtual tour, you will have the chance to witness the most sustainable factory in Europe.


Sustainable agriculture

At Agrifac we want nothing but the best for you, farmer or contractor, your crops and the environment. This means that we want to increase yield by 50% while reducing the use of chemicals and water by at least 50%.

With our NEED Farming concept we enable you to dose at the plant level. This means that you can do the best for each individual plant with less pesticides, liquid fertiliser and water. We take Precision Farming  to the next level.

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The future is more sustainable

The future farmer goes back to personal inspection of each plant. All kinds of data e.g. satellites and sensors make this possible. For those farmers combining their own knowledge and experience with the available data, the possibilities are endless. With this new technology, available data and common sense, together we can make the world a little more beautiful.

Richard Sheppy

Managing Director Agrifac Australia


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