By the Condor Crop Sprayers users themselves

Frank de Schutter inspecting his crops in front of his Agrifac Condor WideTrack
Frank de Schutter, Westerhalm

"Now the first year, I already notice that we have 3% extra yield because of the Condor WideTrack. And with Agrifac Band spraying, we save about 60% in resources. "

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Tim Rethus, Rethus Broadacre

"We’re getting 80% more done per hour with this unit than before!"

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Rory Vermeersch
Belair Ag

The ability to impact the least amount of crop as possible while spraying was a huge factor in buying the Agrifac.

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Kim Graham
Geeraning Pastural Co

Kim Graham, Operations Manager of Geeraning Pastoral in Bonnie Rock WA, a cropping operation passionately owned by John and Joan with son Darren and his family.

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Eric Watson
Rangitata Holdings Ltd
New Zealand

This is partly due to the difference in soil types, but also the island climate is distinctly different from most parts of Australia, especially in the amount of rainfall.

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Andrew Irving
Cunderdin Ag Services

Contract spraying most farmers would say is a highly specialised occupation that takes many years to perfect.

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James Cheney
United Kingdom

My name is James Cheney I work for W.B. Daw & Son in Staffordshire, England. We grow potatoes wheat oilseed rape and beans...

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