The most sustainable factory in Europe, Agrifac

Tuesday 13 October, 2020

Agrifac likes to be at the forefront when it comes to innovations and sustainability. We want sufficient food and energy for future generations. The most innovative sprayers in the world, developed and assembled in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands according to the NEED Farming concept, whereby crop protection per plant can take place.

Zero on the meter

The new factory was opened in 2018. In 2019 it was determined that it is a “zero on the meter” (NOM) factory. This means that the solar panels have generated more energy than Agrifac has used. The results of the rainwater collection tank (50m3) are now also clear. All Condor sprayers are tested with this “gray water” and it is used for flushing toilets. In short, measured over 12 months, Agrifac has a much lower impact on the environment.

Breeam score

Energy-neutral building and process bound

Breeam score

Rainwater reuse 50m3

Breeam score

Large garden of more than 500m2 of greenery for endangered species

Airtightness qv-10 0.24

BREEAM score of 97.38%

All this results in a BREEAM score of 97.38%, the highest score in the Netherlands on the 2014 guideline upon delivery. In fact, it is one of the highest scores in the world with BREEAM.


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an assessment method for determining the sustainability performance of buildings. 

Team performance

The construction team of Rottinghuis, Heluto and Bakker have achieved a very nice result here. W4Y advisors guided the BREEAM and ensured that we achieved the highest score. A high BREEAM score is only possible if all parties want to go for this and that was the case with Agrifac! This also makes it a team effort for all parties involved.

Cultural-historical value

Frans Apeldoorn, Agrifac

Cultural-historical value

‘‘A very challenging project in several respects. First of all, because the existing site had to be built. That meant that there had to be a completely new building while the company just kept running.’’

Says Frans Apeldoorn, Director of Operations.

Also the existing facades of the office section have a cultural-historical value. Obviously, it had to be preserved. And because sustainability is high on the Agrifac agenda, the new building had to be completely energy-neutral.

Paris Proof building

“The energy consumption building and process- related is only 21 kWh / m2”, says BREEAM advisor Simon Hogenstijn of W4Y. “This means that the building is 75% below the DGBC’s Paris Proof target. But sustainable floor insulation has also been specially developed for this project, which, in addition to the predefined Rc value, also has sufficient bearing capacity to absorb the weight of the agricultural machinery. I have been involved in many new construction and innovation projects, but I have never experienced such achievements. The Agrifac building is one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands, that much is certain. “


The Agrifac building and factory is one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe


The design by B+O Architecten, with the masonry piers of soapstone around the building, ensure that the factory hall is not just a hall, but a beautiful whole, which fits in with the old buildings that have been integrated. 

Government support

Partly through the MIA and SDE + it was possible to finance the project. “By building with BREEAM and going to the NOM factory, the additional costs have run into the millions,” says Frans Apeldoorn. “The RVO regulations made it possible to limit the additional costs and to realize a more sustainable building.”


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