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Sufficient, nutritious and safe food with Agrifac

We need land to grow food, healthy soils to nourish crops and livestock, clean water on farms and farmers to make it all happen. Every farmer and contractor has its own daily challenge to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest cost. On a more global level, we know there is sufficient capacity to produce enough food to feed everyone adequately, despite the fact that the world population is predicted to increase to 10 billion by 2050. Instead of cultivating more and more land, we should be able to increase food productivity on existing farmland while at the same time lowering our footprint. That’s exactly the business that we are in! We want to contribute to the higher food need in a sustainable, brilliant simple way.

Innovative tools

We can increase yield on less productive farm land where we see huge yield gaps between current production levels and those possible with improved production practices, mechanization and sustainable agriculture. Combined with Agrifac’s innovative sprayers you are able to achieve more yield with less water, crop protection and less fuel. You will provide each plant with what it needs. Together with Agrifac you will contribute to a brilliant simple solution to feed the world in a sustainable manner.

Always the right balance

We all want food to stay safe by protecting plants against disease and death. We will also have to treat nature with more care and respect, meaning reducing the amount of pesticides we use and respecting natural resources. We don’t want overcropping, superfluous and unnecessary chemicals, but a good, nutritious, healthy and yet resistant product.

4e’s for growers

At Agrifac we develop innovative tools. We do this according to the ‘4Es for growers’ concept. This means that efficiency, economy, ergonomy and ecology are leading in the design and development of our products. These developments are not only innovative but also very user friendly. 
Brilliantly Simple.

Best for you and your crops

Agrifac wants nothing but the best for both farmers and plants. This means that we want to increase yield by 50% while reducing the use of chemicals by 50% at the same time.  For example, with NEED Farming, which enables us to dose at the plant level. This means that we can do the best for each individual plant with less pesticides, liquid fertiliser and water. 

More than 80 years spray specialist

Agrifac machinery timeline

Agrifac started in 1938 with selling knapsack sprayers. After the second world war, the Marshall plan kickstarted the mechanization in the Netherlands. After successfully producing trailed sprayers, in 1986 the first self-propelled sprayers were designed and built; already with StabiloPlus, the patented chassis. In the last years the new Condor Endurance and Condor sprayer range are developed and most importantly, Agrifac made the next step in precision farming: NEED Farming. 

4Es for growers

Agrifac 4e for Growers

All Agrifac spray technology is developed in line with the 4Es for growers concept. This means that efficiency, economy, ergonomy and ecology are leading in the design and development of our products. The Condor helps crops grow by protecting and feeding them. The combination of smart technology, user friendliness, an attractive and robust design, and very low maintenance costs makes each Agrifac machine a glowing example of innovation.

Our achievements so far: 

  • To make sure every drop hits the right spot, you need a maximum stability sprayer. Since 1986 Agrifac produces the most stable sprayer on the market. The combination of the patented chassis (StabiloPlus) with a stable balance (BalancePlus) makes it that Agrifac can offer the widest and strongest booms on the market (J-Boom).
  • Then, the next phase was optimal coverage. No spray triangles, no under- and overdose when changing sections/nozzles, thanks to the full circulation and constant pressure (GreenFlowPlus)

Most sustainable

‘‘In 2019 it was determined that it is a “zero on the meter” (NOM) factory. This means that the solar panels have generated more energy than Agrifac has used.’’

Sustainable Farming with Agrifac

Agrifac likes to be at the forefront when it comes to innovations and sustainability. The most innovative and sustainable machines in the world are being developed and assembled in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands according to the 4e’s for Growers and our NEED Farming concept! Agrifac is passionate about sustainability. The Agrifac factory is one of the most sustainable in the world with a BREEAM score of 97,83%. Some figures: 50 m3 rainwater used for toilets and testing, 500m2 garden, greenery for insects, butterflies, bees etc., 5.000m2 solar panels. 
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For producing the Condor, Agrifac uses the LEAN method:  Precisely specify value by specific product, identify the value stream for each product, make value flow without interruptions, let customer pull value from the producer, and pursue perfection.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In the year 2000, 189 UN members adopted the UN Millennium Development Goals. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as, fight poverty and hunger, water availability, and topics such as energy and climate change are high on the agenda. At Agrifac we support these SDGs strongly. For now we have out focus especially at these Goals: Zero Hunger, Clean Water and Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production, Life below water, Life on Land.