When it comes to increasing spraying capacity, the tank volume and the boom width are imperative. Changing the working speed is still an important influence, but the spraying quality cannot be compromised by doing so. All Agrifac technologies ensure that high capacity is always available to the grower, even in difficult spraying conditions. If you reach the maximum working speed, there are still additional ways to increase and gain extra spraying capacity with sustainable Agrifac proven solutions, such as reducing technological downtime and by saving resources. After all, high-quality, safe, timely spraying of your crops is paramount for your yields!

Curious how you can achieve this?

Agrifac sprayers lead the way in high capacity crop spraying, proved by two world records; both of which are still unbeaten!

Fast, effective, durable, and precise under all conditions! Built to individual configuration requirements with desired options to suit each grower, our customer benefits from a self-propelled sprayer with exceptional capacity and functionality that exceeds every expectation:

  • Options of main tank volume: 1,057 gal, 1,320 gal, 1,585 gal or 2,110 gal
  • Boom-width configurations from 78 feet up to 180 feet
  • Speed: up to 18 mph whilst spraying, and up to *37 mph in road transport mode (*Condor Endurance)
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • Smart designed hydraulic system; maximum engine power to tackle any driving condition
  • Easy and comfortable operation
  • Fast filling – fill a 2,100 gallon tank in 8 minutes
  • Fold a 158 foot J-boom in just 22 seconds with FastFoldPlus
  • 95% drift reduction certification and spray window expansion even in winds of 50 feet per second with HighTechAirPlus
  • Fast and precise circulation system cleaning
  • Agrifac spraying technologies provide real savings on chemicals and water, of up to 95% with spot spray

β€œThe machine boasts incredible capacity and cutting edge precision! It frees our hands and greatly expands the ‘spray window’ of favorable weather for plant protection.”

– Hryhorij Suprun (Ukraine)