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The Privacy Policy applies to every visitor visiting the website

1. Mangement

The website is managed by ICIT. Contact details can be found at

2. Visitor details

2a.  Some data, which are the result of one or more visits to the website, will be permanently but anonymously saved. The data will never be able to be traced back to a person or organisation. Personal information can be shared with third parties.

2b. Agrifac ensures a good security of the saved data. Agrifac can use the information for, but not limited to, the following actions:

2c. Sending one or multiple emails with login details.

2d. To (incidentally) draw attention to a product, interesting facts etcetera, of which Agrifac believes it contributes to a more useful and successful website for the user. 

3. Cookies

3a. makes use of cookies to optimize the functionality of some of the webpages. Cookies are little text files which are placed by the webpage on the computer of the user. A cookie contains information such as certain preferences from the visitor. Through this Agrifac can be of better service to the visitor on the next visit.

3b. The visitor itself can determine how to deal with cookies. The browser can set in such a way that it allows cookies, rejects cookies or partly allows cookies. In the last case it can be set to which websites are allowed to place cookies. Cookies from all other websites will be rejected. This last option is default in most used browsers.

3c. Cookies can always be removed from the computer by using the browser.

4. Questions

Questions about the Privacy policy can be directed to The contact details can be found on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this privacy policy.

5. Disclaimer is authorized to change the content of the privacy policy, without notifying the visitor. Implementing the changes on the website are sufficient. 

6. Information at

We can not guarantee that the information on the website is accurate, complete and/or actual. Therefore you cannot derive any rights based on the information on the website, nor are we liable for damage as result of inaccuracies and/or outdated information. 

In the case you find information or data on the website of which the copyright is yours, please notify the webmaster.

When you find information or data which is according to you not accurate, complete or actual, please contact the webmaster ( We appreciate your comments, changes and/or additions. Due to your contributions we can improve our website. 

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