Sunflower crops

Protect your Sunflowers at a late growing stage with the Condor Clearance

Oil crops

Protect your Sunflowers even at a late growing stage

Sunflowers’ drought-tolerance make it an ideal crop to grow in warmer countries. With the selective breeding of the crop over the years however, it has become adaptable to grow in most parts of the world, within the dry sunny regions. The sunflower plant has a deep, finely branched tap-root system that can utilise water from soil layers as deep as 2m. This is why the crop performs well during a dry season. 

Sort growth time

Its short growth season means that it can be planted over a period of at least three months, making it ideal for producers with adaptable crop rotation and/or fallow systems. Drilling of sunflower seeds usually takes place later than other crops, in the mid to end of the Spring, with harvest taking place during the Autumn. The average growth time for this crop is around 120 days, and as with all crops care must be taken within this period to apply the correct treatment to the plant to ensure disease, weeds and pests are under control as well as to encourage growth and a higher yield, although less treatment is needed on this particular crop in comparison to the more commonly grown oil seeds.

Sunflower growth

Reduce damage to the top of the plant

Being a very tall crop and with the seeds harvested from the head of the plant, it’s imperative that the crop is treated using machinery which is able to reduce damage to the top of the plant. The ClearancePlus option on the Agrifac Condor self propelled sprayer offers the ultimate protection for taller crops. With the adjustable ground clearance of up to two metres, the Condor ClearancePlus is ideal for sunflowers, maize and other high bearing crops, allowing the operator to drive over the crop without touching the plant as he would in any other field. The ClearancePlus is also able to operate at a retracted height and spray at standard level making it very interchangeable and easy to adapt for working in every crop.

Condor Clearance crop sprayer for high crops

Condor Clearance

Condor Clearance

Condor Clearance

  • Ground clearance up to 2 meters
  • Ideal for high crops
  • Spray booms height up to 440 cm
  • All benefits of a Condor
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Enhance your Condor with these innovative spraying technologies


Best coverage and up to 95% drift reduction with, HighTechAirPlus (HTA)

Changing (weather) conditions, the right amount of chemicals, a smaller window of opportunity: A challenge you can tackle with the HighTechAirPlus system. HighTechAirPlus is a combination of traditional spraying, air assistance and mixing in the nozzle holders. The perfect combination to create a constant and easily set droplet size that can be adjusted to changing conditions from the cab.

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Air assistance to get the chemicals to the right spot, AirFlowPlus

Agrifac is introducing the air assistance system, AirFlowPlus. The distinguishing feature of this system is the installation of fans every three metres. This creates an unprecedented air capacity and uniform distribution of the air across the total width of the spray boom, irrespective of the working widths and the number of boom sections you are working with!

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Vertical crop spraying with VertiPlus

Agrifac has developed a special spraying system so you can spray vertical crops such as asparagus vertically. The VertiPlus system is attached to the Condor’s standard J-boom.

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Super fast, safe and smooth folding with FastFoldPlus

Your spray boom is unfolded and folded easier and faster than ever before. A 48 metre wide boom can be unfolded in 20 seconds.

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Always quality spraying and the right balance, StrictHeightPlus

With StrictHeightPlus, BalancePlus and variable geometry work together to ensure the boom hangs freely in all conditions. The boom moves freely and the movements of the machine are not transferred to the boom. Four sensors with a wide viewing angle that are placed on the boom send the machines a reliable and precise measurement of the crop.

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Every Drop Hits the Right Spot, StrictSprayPlus

StrictSprayPlus gives you the certainty that the desired amount of liquid is sprayed in the right place. Boom sections consist of just one nozzle, there is 100% turn compensation and a constant spray pressure irrespective of speed

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PurifyPlus,Quick and easy cleaning

With PurifyPlus, the water system is easy and quick to clean.

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For a precise distribution off liquid fertilisers, LiquidPlus

LiquidPlus enables you to work with liquid (synthetic) fertilisers. This allows for more precise dosing and distribution. The very precise distribution reduces costs and increases efficiency.

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