Agrifac Trade In crop sprayers

Agrifac Trade In crop sprayers

In addition to the Premium Proven line, Agrifac offers Trade In machines, both from our own brand as well as from other manufacturers. These exchanged machines do not follow the Premium Proven concept: Agrifac only cleans these machines before they are delivered.

  • No warranty
  • Only cleaned

Rather a new Condor crop sprayer?

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Condor crop sprayer
  • Every drop hits the right spot
  • 99.99% use of spray liquid
  • Less use of water
  • All benefits of a Condor

Condor WideTrack

Condor WideTrack crop sprayer
  • Maximum output
  • Maximum acreage
  • Spray tracks are no longer a problem
  • All benefits of the Condor

Condor Clearance

Condor Clearance crop sprayer
  • Ground clearance up to 2 metres
  • Ideal for sunflowers and maize crops
  • Spray booms height up to 440 cm
  • All benefits of a Condor

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