Agrifac’s First Sustainability Report: Discover Our Journey Towards Corporate Sustainability

Tuesday 12 March, 2024

Our first Sustainability Report for 2022-2023 is ready for your viewing. It marks an important step in the company’s commitment to long-term sustainability.

The report serves two purposes. On one hand, it summarizes the company’s achievements, covering economic, environmental, social, and governance aspects. On the other hand, it provides a strategic blueprint for the company’s future, showcasing how Agrifac proactively adapts to evolving regulations and business landscapes. This approach goes beyond mere compliance, fostering growth during periods of change. Simultaneously, it underscores Agrifac’s commitment to responsible and forward-thinking practices.

It underscores Agrifac’s alignment with the expectations of all its stakeholders. Agrifac invites stakeholders to collaborate, extending our sustainability commitment to our internal Agrifac family, communities, partners, customers, and the broader consumer base. This commitment reconciles positive contributions to society and the environment with sustainable business practices.

As part of Exel Industries, Agrifac is obligated to report under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) starting from 2024-2025. Within this context, the preparation of this report marks our initial step in aligning with the disclosure requirements and organizing the official reporting procedure. Indeed, this Sustainability Report adheres to European Sustainability Standards (ESRS) structurally and presents Agrifac’s current efforts.