Are Agrifac’s machines HVO compatible? 

Friday 5 April, 2024

Initial tests by our Research and Development Team say: Yes! Agrifac’s newest innovation embraces sustainable agriculture by testing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVO) as a renewable alternative to diesel for our sprayers. Initial results show that all Agrifac machines with Cummins engines can be HVO compatible, marking a significant step towards sustainability.

HVO are transforming sustainability and circular economy practices. On the one hand, it is a highly efficient fuel alternative that can viably replace diesel. On the other hand, it is a synthesized product from waste allowing effective and profitable waste management. Consequently, it facilitates up to 90% carbon footprint reduction from product use which contributes significantly to global emission reduction efforts. Its malleability allows for both single use and seamless blend-in with diesel. With tighter regulations and diverse financial incentives for sustainable options, Agrifac’s commitment to alternative fuels positions our partners at the forefront of responsible farming practices.


Agrifac’s strong partnerships with industry players are pivotal in this progress. Collaborating closely with Cummins, the developer of engines for Agrifac’s sprayers worldwide, extensive testing has resulted in some of the most fuel-efficient agricultural equipment globally. This enduring partnership now advances further into the future with HVO.

Agrifac’s new partnership with Dalhuisen, a major HVO supplier in the Netherlands, is driven by recent developments. Dalhuisen has supplied the fuel for Agrifac’s tests and, impressed by the positive outcomes, awarded Agrifac with a “Good Fuels CO2 reduction” certificate.


The global market trends increasingly favor green transition, and Agrifac is leading the way. Our dedication to providing sustainable solutions extends beyond plant protection to empower our partners with future-proof options. Consequently, the adoption of HVO marks a new stage for Agrifac’s path for sustainability.  

Our users are keen on our sustainable initiatives, which now expand to alternative propulsion systems and fuels, marking a new direction in Agrifac’s vision for sustainable agriculture.

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