Optimal control and intuitive operation of your sprayer

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The most user-friendly and highly praised control system gives users all the information they need during spraying within arms length. EcoTronicPlus also ensures that most functions are carried out automatically. The machine’s main processes and indicators are visible at a glance. In short, the operator has optimum control and intuitive operation with EcoTronicPlus. It’s Brilliant Simple!

The EcoTronicPlus system gives users all the information they need during spraying and ensures that most functions are carried out automatically. The system has a very straightforward touchscreen that displays exactly what the machine is doing. The machine’s main processes and indicators are visible at a glance. The current liquid flows are displayed as graphics. Even in bright and direct sunlight, the screen is easy to read and operate. The colour screen also has a day/night setting.

Optimal flexibility and plenty of choices

The sprayer’s controls are well thought out and arranged based on practical experience. In terms of ease of use, Agrifac chose to integrate the functions that are most used during spraying in the joystick and the armrest so that all of the important functions are within easy reach. Other settings and readings are performed from the touchscreen. You can switch sections on and off in three different ways:

  1. with the control knobs in the armrest
  2. the touchscreen
  3. automatically through GPS

The middle section has a separate on/off button.
You have three choices for the section width:

  • 3 metre sections,
  • 1. 5 metre sections or
  • closable per nozzle. Optimal flexibility and plenty of choices.

Everything you need at the touch of a button

The EcoTronicPlus operating concept consists of an armrest with buttons, touchpad, numeric keypad and joystick. The entire dashboard is now also fully designed in-house by Agrifac and further integrated with the screen. Even greater ease of use, everything within reach, and the ability to see and adjust settings even faster.

The Armrest

  1. The buttons that are needed for all of the functions to start the sprayer, as well as to drive, operate the stairs, and activate the parking brake are stored on the armrest in an arc. In the field, these controls are used to prepare everything for spraying.

  2. The joystick contains all of the functions that are needed during spraying and road transport. Spraying, boom balance, geometry and cruise control are activated from the joystick. Moving the joystick forward increases the speed, moving it backward decreases the speed. It is no longer necessary to slide the handle, making the operation easier and more precise.

  3. A touchpad enables you to zoom in and out of a view and swipe between the different screens.

  4. A numeric keypad enables you to immediately display the essential functions on your screen and enter the right value, or you can use the jog wheel to find the right setting. The numeric keypad detects your hands as they approach and the options you can select display on the screen.
Armrest of the EcoTronic II

EcoTronicPlus is a standard on every Condor


Condor crop sprayer
  • Every drop hits the right spot
  • 99,99% use of spray liquid
  • Less use of water
  • All benefits of a Condor

Condor WideTrack

Condor WideTrack crop sprayer
  • Maximum output
  • Maximum acreage
  • Spray tracks are no longer a problem
  • All benefits of the Condor

Condor Clearance

Condor Clearance crop sprayer
  • Ground clearance up to 2 metres
  • Ideal for sunflowers and maize crops
  • Spray booms height up to 440 cm
  • All benefits of a Condor

Condor MountainMaster

Condor MountainMaster crop sprayer

Condor MountainMaster

  • Take care of your crops on steep slopes
  • High ground clearance
  • This Condor remains perfectly stable at all axles
  • All benefits of a Condor
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Condor Endurance II

Condor Endurance II

  • Built for maximal capacity and speed
  • J-booms available up to 55 metres
  • 8000 litre tank
  • Red dot Award winning 2019
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Agrifac standard spraying technologies


Most stable self-propelled crop sprayers, StabiloPlus

Agrifac’s unique and patented StabiloPlus undercarriage makes a Condor the most stable crop sprayer in the world. It prevents the spray boom from swaying on uneven terrain and reduces tracking by distributing the weight more evenly across the four wheels. The result is a more even distribution of the spray liquid over the field.

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The strong, stable basis always in balance, BalancePlus

How do you transfer the stability of the StabiloPlus to the boom? Well Agrifac booms roll freely over a moon-shaped suspension that keeps the boom always in the right balance!

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Less use of water and chemicals, GreenFlowPlus

The pump system on the Condor sprays 99.99% off the liquid! The constant spray pressure ensures that the right amount is sprayed! The full boom circulation ensures that no deposits and spray triangles are created! Therefore application rates will always be constant! No liquid is left in the tank when spraying is finished!

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Most stable, robust and greater working widths, J-boom

The window of opportunity to take care of your crops is ever decreasing. Higher quality requirements for crop care, capacity and spraying quality are becoming increasingly important. Knowing this, greater boom widths and higher working speeds with a stable boom are essential. Agrifac developed the J-boom specifically for self-propelled sprayers.

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4e for Growers
4e for Growers icon

Efficiency, Economy, Ergonomics, Ecology, 4e for Growers

All Agrifac spray technology is developed in line with the 4Es for growers concept. This means that efficiency, economy, ergonomics and ecology are leading in the design and development of our products.

4e for Growers
My Agrifac
My Agrifac

Stay connected with your Condor and Agrifac, My Agrifac

You want to get the best out of your crops in the most efficient way. To support you in this, Agrifac develops and produces innovative tools. With the possibilities that My Agrifac offers, you get an even better experience of your Condor and a higher uptime.

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