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High yields are always the preferred option during any harvest but does your sprayer hold you back from achieving maximum capacity from your crop? Agrifac has worked with and alongside growers for years to ensure that you’re always bringing in the highest quality and maximum quantity of feed crops year after year. From soil protection technology built into the machines, all the way through to application innovation; the Agrifac Condor and Condor Endurance are your must-have machine to guarantee maximum output.

With the WideTrackPlus at 320 cm there is space for four ridges and wide tyres.During planting, the connection row is made 20-30 cm wider to create space for a wider tyre.

A Condor crop sprayers for all sort of feed crops

Feed Crops


Like all crops, growers work hard to reach the highest potential yield on everything they grow. In feed crops, this is just as important. Oats grow similarly to cereals crops and are drilled plus harvested at the same time of year as these too. The most rapid growth stage for oats is in the Spring, where we see brighter days and an increase in temperature.

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Feed Crops


Like OSR, Alfalfa should be treated similarly to other seed crops. Weeds are a huge problem in alfalfa, affecting mostly during the establishment of the crop as well as in established fields, meaning that care must be taken all throughout the growth stages to ensure a healthy robust yield.

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Feed Crops


Similar to sunflowers, maize is a crop which utilizes and thrives on sunlight and is best grown in sunny regions to ensure highest yield per hectare. Soils should be warm enough to ensure a good emergence shortly after being drilled, therefore late Spring is the ideal time for the grower to commence planting.

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Condor Clearance

Condor Clearance crop sprayer
  • Ground clearance up to 2 metres
  • Ideal for sunflowers and maize crops
  • Spray booms height up to 440 cm
  • All benefits of a Condor


Condor crop sprayer
  • Every drop hits the right spot
  • 99,99% use of spray liquid
  • Less use of water
  • All benefits of a Condor

Condor WideTrack

Condor WideTrack crop sprayer
  • Maximum output
  • Maximum acreage
  • Spray tracks are no longer a problem
  • All benefits of the Condor

Condor MountainMaster

Condor MountainMaster crop sprayer

Condor MountainMaster

  • Take care of your crops on steep slopes
  • High ground clearance
  • This Condor remains perfectly stable at all axles
  • All benefits of a Condor
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Condor Endurance II

Condor Endurance II

  • Built for maximal capacity and speed
  • J-booms available up to 55 metres
  • 8000 litre tank
  • Red dot Award winning 2019
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