Food Crops

Essential nutrients for the world

When it comes to Arable Farming, Cereal crops such as grains could be argued as being the most commonly grown across the globe. Cereal crops are primarily used as the main ingredient for a whole host of food items, as well as in some drinks too, because they provide essential nutrients needed for the human diet. 

Usually drilled during the Winter or Spring time, wheat and barley need to be drilled before the cold weather sets into the soil to ensure that the seed is able to germinate and produce a root that can be sustained. Generally, these crops need a good dose of rainfall to encourage good growth before it is then harvested in the Summer. Typically the Spring months are the ideal growing season to enable this. With farmers juggling so many soil types, differing from one field to the next, it is important that he decides on a variety of crop which will flourish with his lands’ particular needs.

Essential nutrients

Because this food group provides essential nutrients for us, it is important that we provide essential nutrients to them during their growth stages. One way to do this is by ensuring that the soil in which the seeds are drilled is treated correctly to give the plants the best start for increased yield at the point of harvest. As well as this, the farmer will continuously treat for weeds and disease throughout the plant’s growth stages to ensure that the crop produces the highest quality grain.

Typically, the farmer will apply different chemicals and fungicides roughly three to four times before the crop reaches maturity. Monitoring the field and applying at the correct time will guarantee protection of the yield. Each field of crop must be monitored closely to ensure that the timings for applying such treatments is correct, based on the growth stage of the plant in the particular field.

Protection of the yield

Another way to guarantee the protection of the yield is by applying the treatment with certified and well-proven technology, of which Agrifac has the answer with its option of sprayers. A very popular machinery choice for cereal crops is the Agrifac Condor or its bigger brother, the Condor Endurance. Depending on the farm size, these two models from Agrifac have a tank size ranging 4000 litres to 8000 litres, enabling the farmer to make less trips back to the bowser to fill during treatments. As well as this, another variation is the boom width. From 24m to 42m on the Condor, and up to 55m on the Condor Endurance, the grower can request his custom built Agrifac to be built to fit in perfectly with the tramlines used in all operations, streamlining the spraying process even further. 

Innovative technologies

When it comes to innovative technologies, the answers also lie with Agrifac. The PWM technology of their patented StrictSprayPlus enables the grower to apply exactly what is needed for the specific crop, which can be altered at the touch of a button. Combine this with the StrictHeightPlus technology and patented J-boom of the Agrifac, and the consistency of the spray operation is unhindered with every drop hitting the right spot!

Condor WideTrack crop sprayer

Condor Endurance II

Condor Endurance II

  • Maximális kapacitásra és sebességre építve
  • Akár 55 méteres J típusú szórókerettel
  • 8000 literes tartály
  • Red Dot Award- nyertes 2019
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Condor WideTrack

Condor WideTrack crop sprayer

Condor WideTrack

  • Maximum output
  • Maximum acreage
  • Spray tracks are no longer a problem
  • All benefits of a Condor
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