Danish Agro Machinery A/S and Agrifac

Dienstag 2 März, 2021

From the 1st of march 2021 the five Danish Agro Machinery dealers – Røstofte Maskiner, Ringe Maskinforretning, AP Jørgensen, Vinderup Maskiner and Traktor Høst – went into collaboration about sale and service of self-propelled sprayers from Agrifac.

Their intensive development and premium solutions makes a perfect fit to the Danish Agro vision about supporting a more sustainable agriculture and to be the favourite supply in the industry

Jens Skifter, CEO Danish Agro Machinery A/S

AGRIFAC is one of the leading specialists in self-propelled sprayers and offers two model ranges, Condor and Condor Endurance. The Condor V with 4000 or 5000, and the Condor Endurance II with 8,000 liter tank. The boom range starts by 24 meter and goes up to 55 meter with a wide range of different nozzle technics. Especially the HighTechAirPlus nozzle is a sustainable technic, which saves costs for the customer, gives a better crop protection and minimizes the environmental footprint.

Agrifac is technologic very far in development, when it comes to sustainability by the crop protection. Like with spot spraying, short nozzle distance and air assistance to minimize the drift. By adding AGRIFAC self-propelled sprayers to our product range for professional farmers, we are creating more synergies for the concern, the dealers and the customers. We already have good partnerships with the farmers around premium seed, fertilizer and plant protection products. Therefore it makes a perfect fit to supply a premium sprayer brand for the professionals. I look forward for our new corporation with AGRIFAC to add value to the danish agriculture. I am fascinated by the focus and technic, that AGRIFAC delivers for professional farmers and contractors. They know, what the essential is about spraying – to deliver high precision, optimal utilization of the chemicals and to do it efficient with high capacity to ensure the timing for spraying.

Jens Skifter, CEO Danish Agro Machinery A/S

A demo tour through the country with the top model Endurance is being planned for 2021 season, and gives the customers the possibility to tryout the technic in own fields.

Danish Agro is with their professional and well established dealer network the optimal partner for us in Denmark, where we see an increasing demand for self-propelled sprayers

Roeland Coopman, CCO Agrifac Machinery B.V.