Furlong Grain

Condor Endurance, 8,000L self-propelled with 36m J-boom

Philip Reck
Furlong Grain

During the enquiry stage, Agrifac’s global NEED Farming demonstration tour was due to land in the UK. Throughout the tour, visitors had the chance to test drive the Condor IV and Endurance II for themselves. Exploring the technology and innovations that the manufacturers have to offer.

We travelled to Cambridge to attend the NEED Farming demo tour in September. To operate the machine and discuss the options with Agrifac staff. We found this an excellent afternoon for us to be able to spend a few hours operating the machine and discussing specifications available. A follow up visit by Agrifac to our base in Wexford concluded the deal and delivery was arranged for January.

Furlong Grain, Condor Endurance
Furlong Grain, Condor Endurance
Furlong Grain, Condor Endurance
Furlong Grain, Condor Endurance

Since the delivery, the team has had nothing but high-praise for their new machine. “The beginning of 2020 marked a huge milestone for Agrifac UK! As the first ever Agrifac machine was successfully delivered into Ireland, to South East Ireland based company Furlong Grain. Farming 1600 hectares of arable land, the machine was soon be set to work on wheat, barley, oilseed rape, rye, oats, beans and cover crops. Predominantly on free draining Clonroche series soils, all within a 20-mile radius of farm base.

Impressed by the Agrifac machines

The farm has operated an 8,000L self-propelled machine with a 36 metre boom for three years previous to their new delivery. “When the opportunity came to change we explored other options available on the market for similar sized tank capacity. The Agrifac Machines quite impressed our agronomist. On a visit to the factory, we made contact with the sales team in the UK to discuss the options available,” commented Philip Reck, Farm Manager at Furlong Grain.

Philip continued:

Agrifac seems to have a good name among operators! While there were no machines operating in Ireland we still studied the machines at various shows and field days. When the Endurance II launched, we were considering change and it was obvious we needed to look at this machine. 

Expectations surpassed

The Condor Endurance has proven itself this Spring and has surpassed our expectations. We are completing blocks of land quicker than our previous machine. The combination of fast filling cycles with the 3 inch hoses and our Handler IV which batches the 80 ha mix. We predominantly operate at 100L/ha using Guardian Air 0.35 nozzles typically working at 16km/hr at 3 bar pressure. The Farm has water tanks dotted around at various farms. While the sprayer meets the Handler at the tank drawing water through the 3” fill pipe and chemical batch through the 1 ½ inch fitting on the induction bowl.

This can give a turnaround time of 10 minutes! Meaning that the sprayer is maximising its time in the field and not losing time in the yard filling. Boom stability, levelling and the fast fold system have meant that the machine maintains faster operating speeds in the tramline. And on the headlands improving productivity over previous machines.”

Our Sprayer Operator speaks highly of the comfort and layout of the cab and controls. The large screen is very intuitive with symbols for each function. The machine also includes two induction hoppers. Because we can store resources on the tank platform and fill and operate there, we can drive to every water tank to fill up there. And fill from the top rather than unload the spray. The After Sales has been excellent too; Agrifac UK in conjunction with staff at the factory really made the effort to ensure any technical issues were dealt with, in a prompt and professional manner! Despite both teams being overseas from the machine and ourselves.

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Condor Endurance II

Condor Endurance II

  • Vytvořen pro maximální kapacitu a rychlost
  • J rampy jsou k dispozici až do 55 metrů
  • 8000 litrová nádrž
  • Získal ocenění Red dot Award 2019
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