Schwier Farms

Agrifac Condor IV with StrictHeightPlus

Andrew Schwier
Schwier Farms
United Kingdom

Farming approximately 2,000 acres in Essex, Schwier Farms purchased their 5000L Agrifac Condor IV with StrictHeightPlus in 2018. Upgrading from their previous 24m sprayer, the jump to a 36m machine was primarily to help with their operations, specifically as they had recently started applying liquid fertilizer.

After considerable research on Agrifac machines over the years, the main aim for the family run farm was to find a sprayer which they could totally rely on. Andrew Schwier from Schwier Farms commented:

We faced a lot of technical issues with our previous sprayer which made it too unreliable. When you only have a short window to spray, we needed something that would allow us to do the job with no problem at all, with the added back up and support from the team behind the brand too.


Schwier Farms opted for the addition of the Agrifac StrictHeightPlus technology when building the spec of their machine. Finding the suspension of the Agrifac far superior to any competitors they had on demonstration, thanks to the StabiloPlus and J-Boom trusted and proven design, the extensive additional technology options including the height control system from Agrifac meant they could combine this to equip their machine to their exact requirements. Now spraying at a consistent 50cm above the ground, the application coverage has improved significantly as well as their confidence; knowing that every drop is hitting the right spot.

Watch StabiloPlus in action

“Another key benefit of the Agrifac really is it’s simplicity and how easy it is to use. The controls are very straight forward, and everything is self-explanatory and easy to understand,” comments Andrew. With the EcoTronicPlus touch screen in the cab, designed with the operator in mind, the main functions of the machine are exactly where you expect them to be – at the touch of a finger. Compatible with most GPS systems including TopCon which is already widely used across the business, the team are able to add the Condor to this now too, resulting in a stepless and hassle free transfer of tramlines with all machines, with no need to learn a new system.

We are very pleased with the machine and haven’t seen anything that we prefer or that compares. We are very pleased with the personnel, the service and the machine itself. Everything that we want in a sprayer seems to be right here in our Agrifac Condor.

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Condor crop sprayer
  • Každá kapka zasáhne to správné místo
  • 99,99 % použití postřikové kapaliny
  • Menší spotřeba vody
  • Všechny výhody systému Condor

Condor WideTrack

  • Maximální výkon
  • Maximální výměra
  • Postřikovací stopy již nejsou problémem
  • Všechny výhody systému Condor

Condor Clearance

  • Přízemní prostor až 2 metry
  • Ideální pro slunečnice a kukuřičné porosty
  • Výška postřikovacích ramp až 440 cm
  • Všechny výhody systému Condor

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