Agrifac has published its first Sustainability Report!  

Our innovations empower farmers worldwide to effortlessly embrace sustainable agricultural practices. Delve into our Sustainability Report for more valuable insights!

Agrifac leads the way in contemporary agricultural sprayer manufacturing, offering cutting-edge solutions such as drift reduction, PWM systems, and spot spraying technologies.

I am delighted to present Agrifac Machinery BV’s Sustainability Report; a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility, social progress, and economic viability. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, it is essential that we embrace sustainability as a guiding principle, not just for our business but for the well-being of our planet and future generations. For Agrifac this is not something new; sustainability has always been part of our DNA.

Wim van den Bosch – CEO

Get your hands on our first Sustainability Report now! Discover how Agrifac is unlocking the sustainable potential of both manufacturing and agriculture. Click on the button and download for valuable insights!

Explore user experiences to witness how farmers have realized significant savings through the implementation of Agrifac’s groundbreaking solutions! Discover how our commitment to enhancing the sustainability of our manufacturing process has earned us the prestigious title of the most sustainable factory in Europe (BREEAM-NL).

Agrifac’s business model revolves around the circular economy, prioritizing the quality, durability, and ease of repair for our machines. Explore our Premium Proven line, guaranteeing a warranted second life. Find more details in our sustainability report.