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Optimal control and intuitive operation with EcoTronicPlus

The proven EcoTronicPlus system provides the user with all necessary information during spraying, and ensures that most functions are performed automatically. The system has a very well arranged colour terminal where you can see exactly what is happening in the machine. The most important processes and indicators of the machine are visible at a glance. The current flow of liquids are graphical shown which is very clear for the operator, even in bright and direct sunlight. The clarity of the colour touchscreen has an automatic day/night switch-over.

The entire operation of the sprayer is well thought out and practically oriented. When considering ease of operation, we chose to integrate functions used during spraying into the joystick. Therefore you have all of the important functions within reach. Other settings and readouts are done via the very accessible and intuitive touchscreen colour terminal. Switching section on and off can be done on several ways, with the touchscreen or automatically via GPS. For the width of each section you have 3 choices: sections can be switched off in 3 metre sections, 1.5 metre sections or even nozzle by nozzle. Optimal flexibility and plenty of choices.

Advanced and Easy

The work screen appears automatically when you switch to field mode:

+ The application rate is set using the screen
+ The position of the valves is chosen via the screen
+ The current flow is displayed graphically
+ Which sections are switched on
+ The tank can be filled automatically, whereby the litres are set via the screen
And much more information, such as: liquid level in the main and clean water tank, spray pressure, application rate, hectare counter, etc.

To start spraying, you only have to select the correct application rate and press the spray button.Nothing more, and you’re away!

The EcoTronicPlus screen is the only screen and system you have with your sprayer. All options and other possibilities are operated over the EcoTronicPlus system. Besides that GPS is operated over the EcoTronicPlus terminal or over you own display.

The operation? Brilliant Simple!

  • Visual
  • Simple
  • User-friendly control through the EcoTronicPlus touchscreen
  • Ergonomical, graphical joystick for important functions
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