Compact, light and effortlessly manoeuvrable

Compact, light and manoeuvrable

Introducing the compact, light and manoeuvrable six row sugar beet harvester from Agrifac: The LightTraxx. Efficient, Economic, Ergonomic and Ecologic but most of all a Brilliant Simple solution to high yielding sugar beet harvesting!

The intuitive EcoTronicPlus operating system offers cutting edge ergonomics for the operator, economic engine management and all functions at a glance: Key parameters are shown on the clear 12” (30.5 cm) touchscreen and can easily be adjusted at any time, increasing the overall efficiency of the harvester. Commonly used harvesting functions can be controlled with the joystick. The speeds of the various machine functions and the driving speed can be set independent from the engine speed. High efficiency at a low engine speed means optimal fuel efficiency.

Fully equipped as standard with Agrifac Beet Technologies

Agrifac LightTraxx beet harvester



Thanks to the automatic steering system the operator can concentrate fully on the lifting, cleaning and unloading process



The newly developed ProtectPlus scalping system which ensures the best results



Ready to lift sugar beets under all conditions with the ExcenterPlus system



Extremely user-friendly. This control system gives you all the information they need during harvesting so optimal control and intuitive operation with EcoTronicPlus

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Agrifac beet harvesting, lifting as much beet as possible
Brilliant Simple; the smartest harvesting with the most simple operation

LightTraxx beet harvester

Light beet harvesters for maximum soil preservation

LightTraxx beet harvester

Soil remains flat for next cultivation; front and rear tyres roll over different tracks

LightTraxx beet harvester

Small turning radius, needs only a little space on the headland

LightTraxx beet harvester

High capacity through large harvesting and cleaning turbines

Why you choose a LightTraxx beet harvester

The LightTraxx can be equipped with an integral defoliator or a defoliator with side leaf spreader. The harvester has the ProtectPlus scalping system which ensures the best results. The LightTraxx is ready to lift sugar beets under all conditions with the ExcenterPlus system. The cab gives an optimal view in all directions and a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Light operation

Easy to use! That is the Agrifac LightTraxx beet harvester. All information about the machine is directly available via the EcoTronicPlus touch screen. All functions are easy to operate from the cabin and you have an excellent view of the harvesting process!

Light ground pressure

Agrifac LightTraxx beet harvesters are light and they have a unique weight distribution. This has many advantages, including low ground pressure. The machine is also extremely compact and has a four-wheel steering that ensures that the beet harvester is extremely manoeuvrable.

Light work

The high capacity combined with the low ground pressure ensure that beets can be harvested in any weather conditions. The 5 or 6 cleaning turbines ensure that the sugar beets undergo an extra long cleaning path. The machine ensures clean and protected sugar beets and thus achieve maximum results.

Light investment

The LightTraxx is not only a very good choice, but also a smart investment.

Easy to use
Light and extremely manoeuvrable
Optimal output and protection of the sugar beets

The LightTraxx from Agrifac in action

Agrifac beet technologies

Agrifac AutoSteerPlus

Following the row perfectly, AutoSteerPlus

With AutoSteerPlus, both axles are fully automatically controlled under all conditions. The beet rows are therefore perfectly followed. That leads to a perfectly harvested beet.

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Premium quality, superior capacity, ExcenterPlus

Based on the proven concept of independent eccentric moving lifting shares, the ExcenterPlus lifting system is developed to lift the beets in an optimal way at high working speeds and for superior capacity, even under extreme conditions.

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Protects the Sugar Beet, ProtectPlus

With the new scalping system more beet is harvested and the beets are better protected against losses of energy and sugar. This all creates a higher yield.

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Agrifac beet harvesting means: reliability, quality and capacity. Due to its long cleaning path, the CarePlus system offers unparalleled cleaning and throughput capacity. In addition, the beet is properly taken care of.


All relevant information at a glance, EcoTronicPlus

The operator can access all information on the EcoTronicPlus touch screen with the buttons on the left and right hand side of the screen. These buttons are also used to set and adjust all basic settings, including Read out, Adjustments and User settings.

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Agrifac OptiTraxx

Agrifac OptiTraxx

Agrifac OptiTraxx

Agrifac OptiTraxx

  • Working longer under difficult conditions
  • Small turning radius
  • Equipped with a track system on the front axle
  • All benefits of the LightTraxx
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