Agrifac - Agrifac sales training

Agrifac sales training


After completing the Agrifac sales raining you will be informed of the mission/ vision of Agrifac and be able to communicate this to the customers and/or dealers. You will get to know the features and use of the Condor/Endurance. You will get to know the brand, the benefits and de USP’s (Unique Selling Points). 

Target audience

The Agrifac sales training is eligible for sales representatives which frequently (daily/weekly) have customer contacts and willing to offer the Agrifac self-propelled sprayers. The sales representatives is part of the Agrifac sales team or parts of an official Agrifac dealership. Before participating, the sales representative should have joined the Agrifac intro training or the Agrifac refresher course before.

Content of the training

The Agrifac sales training contains the following subjects:

  • Agrifac mission/vision
  • Agrifac marketing 
  • Agrifac sales
  • Agrifac USP’s (unique selling points)
During this training, theory and practice will be alternated regularly. The training will conclude with an exam and, in case of a positive result, a certificate.

Training period

One day.

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