Agrifac refresher course


After completing the Agrifac refresher course, you will be informed of the mission/ vision of Agrifac, and you will have basic knowledge about the use of the Condor and/or Condor Endurance. You will be able to recognize regulations, systems, and components.

Target audience

This training is eligible for mechanics and/or sales representatives who already have experience with the Agrifac self-propelled sprayers.  This training serves as a refresher course for people who already have experience with Agrifac, and provides a good basis for the follow-up training as the Agrifac sales training and the Agrifac technical specialist training. 

Content of the training

The Agrifac refresher course contains the following subjects:

  • About Agrifac
  • About the Condor/Endurance
    • Crop protection and spraying technique
    • Operation and use
    • Features
    • Maintenance
During this training, theory and practice will be alternated regularly. The training will conclude with an exam and, in case of a positive result, a certificate.

Training period

One day.

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